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Back 2 the Beat Drum Academy


Our aim at the Back 2 the Beat Drum Academies is to provide people of all ages and abilities with a passion for music the opportunity to develop there musical skills and explore there own playing potential. During the course each student will participate in practical classes where they will cover Drum techniques, rudiments, Coordination, Drum notation and reading. They will also participate in a selection of workshops from Latin Percussion, through the various rhythm section skills, e.g. Jazz, Funk, Reggae and Blues.

Main Academy

Students can enrole in the main Academy from the age of 11 years.

Each class runs for Two hours, once a week over 3, 10 week terms.

Foundation Class

Students can enrol in the Foundation class between the ages of 7 to 11 years.

Classes run for one hour, once a week over 3, 10 week terms.

( All Academies run concurrently with school terms dates)


Each student will be offered the chance to study for the Trinity College London Drum Kit exams up to a Grade 8.

These Classes are run by an experienced team of music tutors, dedicated to providing a music education for Drummers and Percussionists to the highest standard, which is complimentary to, yet independent of normal academic studies.

 All our Tutors hold current Trinity College London grade 8 certificates.

 All staff are checked for there suitability to work with children.

Since the Academy was founded in 2005 we have submitted hundreds of exam entries at every grade. We have as yet never had a fail. In fact the vast majority of students achieve merits and distinctions. We do not see any benefit in setting students up to fail so will only enter students for a grade when we feel confident that they have achieved the level of competence required to succeed.

Syllabus Overview

Working to a syllabus and format devised by Steve Timms.

This exciting and innovative approach to Drum tuition will cover every aspect of ‘Being a Drummer’ each student will participate in practical classes that will cover:

Drum Techniques



Notation & Reading

Drum Care

The setting up and tuning of equipment

Students will also participate in a selection of workshops from Latin Percussion through the various rhythm section skills culminating in live performances given in our end of year show.

Although the Academy doesn’t offer tuition in any other instruments at this time, Students will as part of their studies be invited to join in a rhythm workshop using a professional Bass player. This will help our students gain a better understanding of the importance and dynamics of creating a rhythm section and gain some invaluable tips and insights.

In addition we will also offer all our students the opportunity to learn about band equipment. ‘How to choose it and use it’ attend clinics, master classes and live performance workshops.

Any Students taking exams will have the opportunity to record there exam pieces in a professional studio.

Welcome Pack

Each New student will receive a welcome pack including a Back 2 the Beat Drum Academy T-Shirt ( a uniform requirement – Please state size on enrolment form)

Also included is an Academy folder that we expect each student to bring to class each week. This will builds in to a portfolio of work covered and exams achieved.

Each week you will receive a print out of exercises and rudiments as they are covered together with any workshop parts or information sheets.


All students attending the Academy are required to wear the Academy T-Shirt which is black with an orange logo. A T-Shirt will be provided as part of each students joining pack and additional T-Shirts will be available to purchase from the Academy office.

In addition, all students are required to wear soft soled flat shoes and comfortable trousers that don’t restrict free movement.

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