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Supporting Music in the curriculum – Rhythm Workshops in your school

Building on the immense success of The ‘Back 2 the Beat’ Drum clinics, group tutorials and workshops, A package of rhythm workshops has been put together to be offered to schools and colleges across the region. These workshops are designed to support students following the current music syllabus at G.C.S.E but will be of equal interest to and can be adapted for all students interested in music. These workshops can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each individual school and its examining body.The workshops offered run for approx 2 hours each and can be booked individually.

( Half day ) or together ( whole day ) :


Workshop Details

Samba or Salsa and African Rhythms Workshop Suited to Key stages 2 & 3


This is a fully interactive workshop where each student will learn to read, write and play either Salsa, Samba and African Rhythms. The rhythm chosen will depend on the syllabus requirements of each schools chosen examining body.

By breaking these rhythms down each student develops a clearer understanding of how rhythm works and how to apply them.

We have found that students have great fun playing rhythms together using percussion instruments. Consequently, This workshop is always very popular.

Maximum number of students per workshop is 30.


Rhythm section workshop      Suited to key stage 3 & 4

During this inspiring workshop, various rhythms will be demonstrated on a Drum kit i.e. Jazz, Rock, Pop, Funk & Reggae etc….with a Break down and examination of the fundamentals of how and why these rhythms work. We will explore the different musical styles and there origins and pick out one or two popular bands that have made their own particular styles what they are…. There will be an inclusion element for other musicians/students that play Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums or Keyboards to get involved, this gives the students the opportunity to have a go at putting these rhythms sections together


If time allows there will also be a talk on ‘Life as a professional musician,

The expectations of the students verses the reality of the job together with useful pointers on how to pursue a career in the music business should they so choose.


The aim of these various workshops is to inspire music students of all ages and abilities to develop their skills, confidence and musical understanding through these fully interactive, enjoyable and informative classes.


The cost of these workshops is as follows


Half day session             £ 140.00

Whole day session         £ 240.00

All our Tutors at Back 2 the Beat are specialist Musicians that all work in the music industry as well as teach in schools and all hold current Trinity/ Guild Hall Drums and Percussion grade 8 certificates.

If you would like any further information or would like to book any of these sessions or would like to discuss tailoring classes/workshops to fit your individual needs, you can email us at with your chosen dates and requirements.

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